We have equipment for laying cables for electrification of fish farms.

We take part in making Fish farming industry Greener, by electrification of off-shore fish farms. Electric cables from Shore to off-shore fish farms.

Today, about half of the fish farms along the Norwegian coast rely on diesel generators to produce the electricity needed. The other half is connected to the electricity grid, via a sea cable. We can provide electrical cable based on needs and specifications given, and participate in cable laying.

We can also assist in providing suitable vessels for execution.

We have dedicated personnel with experience as well as ROV for monitoring during execution. Detailed mapping and cable trackback is part of our documentation.

Renewable energy such as solar and wind depends on the wind and weather conditions.
A fish farm requires constant power supply. If we use renewable energy and keep the diesel generators for backup, there is no need for an overcapacity of wind turbines and PV panels. It has a lower cost, and we also achieve a considerable reduction of CO2 emissions

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