Illustration Photo Hydratron Pump Skid DHDA33


In our Rental Fleet you will find various pumps and specifications.
All according to Market Demands, this includes ATEX and Norsok Specifications.

As Example Hydratron Double Airhead Double Acting Series, Air Driven Liquid Pump, is a reciprocating, positive displacement pump with a directly coupled, integral linear reciprocating air motor designed to generate High-Pressure Liquid flow.

The pressure increase is made possible by means of the area ratio between the two larger diameter air drive pistons directly connected to two smaller diameter liquid plungers. Using our various material & seal options they are suitable for pumping a wide range of liquids including water, oil, water/glycol and many other chemical fluids.

Feature Value
Ex Zone 1
Max Flow 31,7 l/min
Max Gross Weight 112 kg
Max Working Pressure 414 bar
Pumpe Type DHDA-33
Dimensions (L x B x H) 711mm x 61mm x 737mm

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