Illustration Photo SHS Pump Skid 10-6000-W0100L


10-6 Series Liquid Pumps & D-6 Series Non Lubricated Liquid Pumps

The largest of the SC “standard” series pumps with a 7” diameter air cylinder and a 2 12” stroke. 13 ratios available with the highest ratio capable of hydraulic pressures up to 65,000 psig (4480 Bar).

Commonly used where very high pressures are required at low flows.

Applications include proof and burst testing to extreme high pressures, torque wrench actuation, bolt tensioning, aircraft jacks, filter presses, clamping, holding, metal forming.

10-6 is used extensively by offshore oil companies in many applications due to the pumps inherent ruggedness and reliability.

Feature Value
Ex Zone 1
Max Flow 2,1 l/min
Max Gross Weight 30 kg
Max Working Pressure 1200 bar
Pumpe Type SHS 10-6000-W0100L
Dimensions (L x B x H) 550mm x 420mm x 580mm

Additional Information:

10-6 Series Liquid Pumps ATEX

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