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Spoleapparat spesial utviklet for enkelt bytte av tromler ved å senke og heve trommel, apparatet kan ta forskjellige dimensjoner tromler noe som gir stor flekibilitet. Ergonomisk og sikker drift opprettholdes ved bruk av medfølgende fotpedal sikrer god oversikt i operasjon

Spooler specially designed for easy drum replacement by lowering and raising the drum, this device can handle different sizes of drums which gives great flexibility.
Ergonomic and safe operation is maintained using the included foot pedal ensuring good overview during operation

Feature Value
Brake Type Hydraulic break
Drum Core Diameter
Drum Length Between Flanges From 880 mm to 1750 mm
Drum Outer Diameter From 1760 mm to 2400 mm
Drum Speed Max 7 rpm
Ex Zone
Line Pull 4500 Nm
Max Gross Weight 2 500 kg
Power Supply Electric Hydraulic 240V / 440V - 3fas - 32A
Remote Control Yes
Dimensions (L x B x H) 4175mm x 2050mm x 2250mm

Additional Information:

Max weight on Drum = 12 000 kg - Shaft Hole = 75 mm & 116 mm - Other dimensions can be fitted.

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