Today, most fish farms are powered by diesel generators. Generators have provided stable operation for several years and the technology is familiar to most of us.

Why change a winning team?

The aquaculture industry enjoys talking about the blue revolution, but we also have to relate to the green shift. Most likely the fish farming industry, where diesel generators account for significant emissions, will also have to deal with stricter governmental regulations.

According to a study carried out by the Norwegian environmental foundation Bellona and the global technology company ABB, further electrification in the sea phase of salmon production in Norway may reduce greenhouse gas emission s by 300,000 tonnes annually.

The electrification process is increasing and have been speeding up lately.

We can assist with equipment and experience within cable laying, for electrification of fish farms.

Our ROV can be used in survey purposes, and if needed we can, in collaboration with our partner, undertake acquisition of bottom ratio analysis, mapping and documentation of cable routing, as well as vessel for complete execution of cable laying process.

Our fleet of rental products includes spooling equipment for cable laying, our personnel is experienced and skilled.

Spooling Equipment

  • Cable laying
  • Equipment for execution
  • ROV
  • Mapping of Seabed Condition
  • Vessels (hire)
  • Equipment Rental
  • Mini ROV
  • Component delivery
  • Manufacture for De-lice systems

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