According to the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, Norway has half of Europe’s reservoir capacity, and more than 75 per cent of its hydro-power production capacity is adjustable.

This means that hydro-power production – unlike solar and wind power – can be adjusted by turning the ‘tap’ on or off as required.

Our Services

Our personnel are highly skilled, and our products is adapted to perform inspection and survey of pipe systems in hydro-power plant’s.
Our mini ROV can perform inspection of intake chutes and pipes in dam facilities easy and cost effective.

Furthermore, we are Certified by manufacturer for sale, new build, performance of service, inspection, and re-classification of hydraulic accumulators.

Our skills within hydraulic systems and hydraulic power units spans over decades.

  • Pipe & reservoir inspection with mini ROV
  • Hydraulic system upgrade from LP to HP
  • Maintenance of cylinders & actuators as well as construction of control system
  • Fault Finding and Maintenance
  • Pipe laying
  • Accumulator re-certification
  • Hydraulic Power Units
  • Hydraulic Accumulators
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Inspection ROV
  • Certified Parker Hydraulic Accumulator Technology and Service Centre
  • General Hydraulic Control & Inspection
  • Piping and Instrumentation
  • Temporary Equipment - Service Equipment

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Contactperson Simon Møllerstrøm, General Manager

Simon Møllerstrøm

General Manager
+47 932 13 479

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