We tailor each product to the demands of the client and environment. Whether that is hundreds of meters under water, or a surface level installation. We have extensive experience engineering specialized solutions for especially corrosive environments.

We have manufactured systems with everything from normal commercial hydraulic pressures to extremely high pressures of up to 60,000 PSI.

We design products that meet the requirements of the spec sheet, but we always dive deeper and design products that fit the wider context of your operation, as well as the individual project and environment.

We follow applicable regulations and standards in design, planning and production.

Product list:

  • HPU
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Umbilical & Reel’s
  • Pressure Monitoring Equipment
  • Spooling Skid
  • ROV Panels

Avaliable in these serviceareas

  • Dual REEL for Well Intervention Vessel
  • Production of ROV Panel

Our contactperson

Contactperson Jonas Lie Olsen, Lead Engineer

Jonas Lie Olsen

Lead Engineer
+47 934 79 033

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Contact us

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